Nurses 'n Kids is a family owned business, founded by Janet Carroll, a NICU nurse.


Did you know?  Nurses 'n Kids has cared for more than 2,000 children with special needs since 1988.


When you meet your baby's physical & emotional needs, you are helping your child to trust themself & feel secure in the world.


Eternal Echoes


Our life is an echo

Of our spirit today,

Of our essence

As it is,

Caught between

Our yesterday

And our tomorrow.

It is the resounding

Reality of who we are,

As a result of

Where we have been,

And where we will be,

For eternity.


~  Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Poet & Peacemaker

Journey through Heartsongs, Spring 2000

(Mattie was born with a rare neuromuscular disorder)


Nurses 'n Kids has been everything to my husband & I.  They are always there to help us out...every single therapist & nurse truly cares about your child.  It was the best place for our daughter once she got out of the NICU.  I cannot say enough nice things about Nurses 'n Kids.  The staff goes above & beyond.  It's a very special place for your very special child.

          ~  Mandy, mother of Jennifer, a pre-schooler



All of You


I love all of you! 

Your eyes, your cheeks,

Your sweet little nose,

Your knees, your feet,

Your stubby pink toes.


I love all of you!

Your dimples, your grin,

Your tummy, your chin,

Your ears, your hair,

Your lips, your skin.


Now, how did we get started?

How did we begin?

Oh, yes, I love all of you -

From beginning to end.


~  Anne Dougherty

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