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 Nurses 'n Kids has changed the face of care for the medically fragile child in Delaware & in the region.  As Medical Director of Nurses 'n Kids, it has been a great honor to be a part of something that has brought so much to these children & their families.

~  Neal Cohn, MD, Pediatric Associates


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Medical Day Care

for special needs children in Delaware

The Best Child Care for Special Needs Children | Infants - Toddlers - Kids

Nurses ’n Kids Medical Day Care offers excellent care to provide the best environment for your child. Our experienced Pediatric Team understands complex childhood conditions and are here to help care for your child’s needs. Our Nurses will provide your child’s special medical care, ensuring that your child is cared for with keen and proficient assessment skills to keep your child as stable and healthy as possible. Our Therapists and Teachers will provide therapy treatments and a variety of creative and fun activities to improve your child’s cognitive and developmental abilities. Our Dietitians will create nourishing meal plans, giving your child the energy needed for healthy growth and development. Together, our dedicated and caring Pediatric Team is here to support you and will provide you and your family with individualized education to promote your child’s overall well being.


Reliable Pediatric Care for Parents with a Special Needs Child

Nurses ’n Kids has been a respected medical provider in the community since 1988. Infants and children that attend Nurses ’n Kids have fewer ER visits and hospital readmissions. Nurses ’n Kids has a knowledgeable and reliable Pediatric Team and is always staffed during hours, so you benefit from knowing your child is going to receive consistent care. At Nurses ’n Kids there is no risk of un-staffed shifts or lack of staff continuity as occurs in other health care settings. Nurses ’n Kids Medical Day Care can be in lieu of or in addition to private duty nursing, as attendance at our Medical Day Care will enable your child to receive the great benefit of socializing with children of the same age and developmental status, versus the limitations of being isolated to a home program only. Integration and socialization will encourage optimal development, learning and play skills, in addition to emotional wellness, all of utmost importance during childhood to attain your child’s greatest potential.


Working Together for Your Kids Health

Nurses ’n Kids works with our local Pediatric Centers & Neonatal Intensive Care Units, in addition to other area hospitals. As part of your child’s care, our professionals will consult with your child’s Pediatricians, Specialists, Clinicians and Community Coordinators to enhance your child’s individualized plan of care. Nurses ’n Kids Medical Director is a Pediatrician who routinely attends patient rounds and will be updated on your child’s status. If our staff are unable to reach your child’s physician when needed, our Medical Director can provide recommendations to further ensure that your child receives the best care.

How can I refer my child to Nurses 'n Kids?

As the parent or guardian, you can contact Nurses ’n Kids to refer your child for any of our Pediatric Programs. Nurses ’n Kids will then contact your child’s Physician to obtain a Letter of Medical Necessity & to coordinate your child’s care. Your child’s Physicians, Clinicians or Community Coordinators may also contact Nurses ’n Kids to refer your child.