By encouraging self-dressing, children learn new skills, gain confidence & build their self esteem.


Children need to see, feel, hear, smell & taste things to learn about their world.  When they play using their senses it is called sensory they play they learn.


Weight bearing on hands during the crawling stage is crucial to build up hand muscles necessary for fine motor development, including handwriting.  

Occupational Therapy

for Special Needs Children in Delaware

Occupational Therapy for Children | Medical Day Care

Nurses ’n Kids provides Occupational Therapy for children as part of our Medical Day Care programs.  Our Pediatric Occupational Therapists will work with your child to optimize their ability to independently play and explore their environment through the use of their hands and senses. Curiosity inspires children to explore their environment, which facilitates learning. Occupational Therapy will promote your child’s learning by encouraging sensory rich play and Preschool activities in our developmentally stimulating environment.

Our Occupational Therapists will use purposeful activities to encourage your child to achieve functional outcomes for:

  • Cognition includes development of your child’s learning style and ability to understand concepts.
  • Fine Motor / Hand Skills includes eye hand coordination, use of upper extremities (arms) and pre-writing skills.
  • Self Help Skills includes activities such as feeding and dressing that promote independence with daily activities.
  • Sensory Processing Skills are important to your child’s attention span and ability to effectively integrate different types of sensory input such as: auditory (hearing), visual, tactile (touch), vestibular (movement) and proprioception (body awareness).

Occupational Therapy for Kids

  • Fine motor coordination
  • Cognitive development
  • Upper extremity strengthening
  • Positioning
  • Self Help: feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting
  • Sensory: auditory, movement, touch, visual
  • Assessment of hand splinting needs
  • Preschool activities