Play ball...rolling, catching, throwing & kicking activities are a fun way to improve balance & coordination.


Supervised belly playtime is important for developing age appropriate play skills.


Upright standing promotes bone development & muscle strength.

Physical Therapy

for special needs children in Delaware

Physical Therapy for Children | Medical Day Care 

Nurses ’n Kids provides Physical Therapy for children as part of our Medical Day Care prograams.  Our Pediatric Physical Therapists will work with your child to improve their gross motor development and maximize their function. Physical Therapy will include therapeutic treatment techniques to assist your child in achieving gross motor milestones including, but not limited to rolling, crawling, sitting, standing and walking. Our Physical Therapists will encourage your child to attain their optimal function and age appropriate gross motor performance by including treatment techniques such as: passive/active range of motion, tone normalization activities, strengthening, balance and coordination training, motor planning activities, postural control activities, endurance and gait training.

Physical Therapy for Kids

  • Positioning
  • Postural control and alignment
  • Strengthening through play
  • Balance and coordination
  • Neuromuscular and motor control
  • Vestibular and proprioception activities
  • Orthotic and adaptive equipment needs
  • Seating system, wheelchair and stander use
  • Walker and gait trainer use
  • Durable medical equipment needs