"Let me do it":  Parents may do it faster & better, but sometimes experience is the best teacher.


Kids at play learn to negotiate, share & be patient.


Children are like wet cement...whatever falls on them makes an impression.

~ Dr. Haim Ginott 


for Special Needs Children in Delaware

Child Life Therapy for Special Needs Children | Play ~ Create ~ Friends ~ Grow ~ Learn

Nurses ’n Kids provides Child Life Therapy as part of our Medical Day Care program. Our Child Life Teachers recognize that your child is unique with special social and emotional needs and feelings. Child Life Therapy will encourage your child to achieve their highest level of development and coping skills through play and social experiences. Play is essential to human development and the benefits of play are profound. Activities are sensitive to language acquisition, gross and fine motor skills, creative arts skills and the special needs of your child. Our curriculum will offer your child a variety of ideas and concepts to promote their optimal development and play skills. Our Child Life Teachers will encourage praise and positive reinforcement to help develop positive self-esteem and self-discipline for your child.

Child Life Therapy for Children

  • Provide stimulating environment for exploration, discovery and learning
  • Group activities and interaction to promote appropriate social and emotional development
  • Create individualized activities to strengthen self-esteem, independence and self-expression
  • Encourage positive childhood friendships
  • Preschool activities
  • Pet Therapy
  • Field trips to enhance curriculum and lesson plans